Gateway to Tamarack

Gateway to Tamarack is a 3-step program for people age 7 and over who have NEVER skied or snowboarded! The goal is to remove some of the massive financial barriers to entry in the wonderful world of skiing and snowboarding!

Upon completion of all 3 lessons, the participant will receive a season pass for Tamarack for the rest of the year, as well as free rentals until the end of the Tamarack season!



Lesson One:

Lesson One that takes place at Gateway Parks in Eagle, ID. Participants can get free equipment rentals from Play It Again Sports in Boise. Lesson 1 starts on January 10th and takes place every Wednesday until March 6th.

Lesson Two:

After completing Lesson 1 at Gateway Parks in Eagle, participants will come to Tamarack Ski Resort for a $20 lesson. Lesson 2 starts on January 21st and takes place every Sunday (except President’s and MLK JR Day weekends) until March 24th. Lessons will be from 1pm to 3pm.


Lesson Three:

After completing Lesson 1 and 2, participants will complete their final lesson at Tamarack Ski Resort for $20. Lesson 3 starts on January 27th and takes place every Sunday until March 23rd.